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There has to be an easier way to fight spam for the average person. This site is designed to file a complaint about spam easily and in one place.


Every single Internet e-mail message is made up of two parts the header and the message body. You can review here on how to retrieve the email header.  


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We have over 25 years of experience providing quality spam fighting services. We were tired of reporting spam as IT professionals and realized there has to be a better way. This site is designed for the average person to file a complaint about spam easily and in one place. 

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If you have questions about the contents of this web site, contact [email protected]. It is NOT an address for spam or abuse complaints. Read the rest of this page to find out how to report spam or abuse.

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The operator of this website and its associated data base will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer addresses maintained by this website to any other party for the purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages.


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We are a friendly and hard working team, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services. Our team uses here at BMChosting, our team prides itself on their attention to detail, utilizing our extensive experience and knowledge.

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